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Got a chipped tooth? A small gap? Discoloration? Black triangle?

Do you find yourself thinking, my smile would be perfect if only…

Maybe you’ve discussed veneers—the longtime go-to solution for correcting minor dental imperfections—with your dentist. At Perfect Smile Dental, Dr. Bergonio now offers Bioclear, a cutting-edge approach to traditional bonding.

What is Biolclear?

Bioclear is a technique in which Dr. Bergonio wraps dental composite around a tooth, using special plastic matrices to create a fully functional, beautiful tooth.

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Bioclear—The Process

1. Consultation

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Bergonio, she will thoroughly examine the front tooth/teeth in question and discuss with you the options available to restore your smile.

2. Cleaning

If Biolclear is the technique you’ve chosen to use to repair your teeth, Dr. Bergonio will begin by isolating the teeth, often two teeth at a time, and cleaning them to enable the bonding agent to have considerable contact with the teeth. We use a micro-blasting technique that ensures the area is fully decontaminated.

3. Shaping

Next, we apply a single layer of the Bioclear cream to the tooth and below the gumline. Dr. Bergonio then carves the bonding material to create a beautiful tooth restoration. Once the tooth has been shaped, we apply a warm injection molding which gives the bonding agent additional strength.

The Cost of Bioclear in Nanuet, NY and Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Can you afford Bioclear? Considering the cost of various cosmetic dental procedures is important, and at Perfect Smile Dental, we understand the difficulty you face in deciding if a procedure is worth it. But as you think about your smile, the one you will have for the rest of your life, ask yourself if it’s worth the investment.

Why choose Bioclear?

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  • Bioclear lasts longer than bonding and veneers, saving you money in the long run.
  • Bioclear’ upfront cost for small gaps is less than veneers.
  • Bioclear is a minimally invasive procedure that strengthens and repairs teeth.
  • Bioclear is 10x stronger than traditional bonding.
  • Bioclear preserves the natural tooth, unlike veneers which require trimming down.

At Perfect Smile Dental, we’ve invested in the new tools and materials needed to use Bioclear in our office, and Dr. Bergonio has attended the advanced courses necessary to equip her with the skills needed to deliver this new technique to you.

Are you ready to move forward? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bergonio today! She’ll review all your treatment options with you, discuss the pros and cons, like the longevity and final results, and help you choose what will work best for your dental goals.

Bioclear: Before and After

Wondering how natural Bioclear really looks? Patients of Dr. Bergonio are so happy with their results, they’ve posed for before and after photos to show you just how big of a difference it makes. View these makeover photos by visiting our smile gallery.

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